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Jamia Rashidya is a famous Islamic institute and a God gifted institution. It is situated at Dargah Shareef Pir-Jo-Goth where the poor boys are taking education of Darse Quran Majeed , Hadees & Further Islamic teachings. So many Qari’s and Hafiz-e-Quran & Scholar’s are being benefited from this institution under the strong look of present Pir Pagara (Pir Syed Sibgatullah rashdi ) before this institution was created under the due care of (Pir Hazrat Shah Mardan shah Awal Kot Dhani R.H) and after his death the institution didn’t stop and his appointed Scholar’s Molvi Mohammad Salih was Madaris & late Pir shah Mardan Shah Sani (Chhat Dhani Badshah) the father of present Pir Pagara not only took the decision for its opening the branches but also gave full attention during his life to get this institution as the famous Religious Institution of Pakistan. And its branches were opened in the sindh to provide religion education & promote the institution to make out it true Islamic Institution and also so many Ulma’s Mufti’s , Hafiz , Qari’s got there education completed with honor of symbol as SIKANDRI Ulma’s and Mufti’s. This Institution has a very good library which have lot of Stuff of Knowledge & History etc. more detail...

Dedicated to my beloved father Qari Haneef Saeedi

Personal Life
Qari Mohammad Hanif was get Married in 4th of Nov 1978. And By the Grace of ALLAH he became father of four sons and six daughters. His Younger Son Named Qari Khalil is Also Senior Teacher of Jamia Rashidya Pir-Jo-Goth and 2nd Son Qari Hafiz Mohammad Mukhtar Ahmed is also teacher of Jamia Rashidya Pir-jo-Goth. And his 3rd Son Named Ahmed Saeed serve as Khadim in Dargah Shareef Pir-Jo-Goth. And his 4th Son Ahmed Raza is doing study at Jamia rashidya. more detail...



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